How To Power Orgone Pyramid – Orgonite Crystal

How To Power Orgone Pyramid

Today you’re going to learn about the energy of orgone crystals & how you can power your orgonite pyramid.  Before we can effectively dive into it, we’ll take a brief look at the origin of orgone, as well as how it’s energy works with the crystals and it’s benefits.

Flourite Orgone Pyramid

The Origin of Orgone Energy

For the discovery of orgone, we can thank a one Wilhelm Reich.  He was a Doctor of Medicine and a psychoanalyst from Austria.  His story is a legacy of science, energy, sex and government conspiracy.  He was able to discover that our skin produces an electric charge, called bioelectric energy, when happy and in pleasurable state.  He later discovered something he called bions, which are energy vesicles made of radiation that charged objects in its vicinity.  When he noticed that the bions and bioelectric energy he found were actually the same, he then coined it the energy of Orgone.

What Is Orgonite?

Chi, Ether, Prana, or Life Force is another name for the same energy that is present in an orgonite. An orgonite pyramid is a figure made up of a resin composite using metals and crystals piled in a pattern. Its potential to change negative energy into positive energy, assisting in the spiritual, bodily, and emotional equilibrium is what gives it its reputation.

Piezoelectric Orgonite Crystal

This conglomerate of crystals and metal shavings, mixed with a resin composite, come together to form the Orgonite pyramid. During the curing process, the resin composite shrinks, irreversibly compressing the quartz crystals, causing a piezoelectric effect inside the crystal.

The piezo-what effect!?  Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to understand.  “Piezein” in Greek means to squeeze or press.  In this case, the crystals in orgonites are squeezed to create an electric current.  This is a conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy.  This can only happen with crystals that aren’t symmetrical but have a neutral balance electrically.  Applying that mechanical pressure to it, the atoms get shifted, the structure changes form and all of a sudden, your crystal is able to conduct an electrical current!  Most crystals can’t be used for piezoelectric purposes because they have a symmetrical atom structure.

Most people don’t know this, but we all have a piezoelectric crystal in our body too.

orgonite crystal

How To Use Orgone Pyramid

Orgonite pyramids are an awe-inspiring beauty, but they are more than meets the eye.  They are known for the healing properties they offer. They are powerful and are used to move a person from a state of dis-ease into a state of harmony and healing for a positive balance in life.

Though the orgonite pyramid can be used in a variety of ways, this is one method you may find to be the most rewarding.

You can meditate with the pyramid inside of your palm. Project all of your focus onto the pyramid to sense the energy it’s emitting.  You want to do your best to reach a point where you can feel the pyramid rather than see it.

woman meditating

Communicating With Orgone Crystal

Another important part is communicating your intentions to the orgonite project. From the most miniscule particles to vast nebulas & beyond, everything in the universe has a conscious. So comfortably, create a mental or verbal dialogue with the pyramid as if it were a friend.  Here, you’re wanting to pair your mind with it & tap into its healing properties.

For you and the people in your life, ask for love, healing, and light. The Orgonite will be able to radiate more love into you the more you’re able to notice, acknowledge & appreciate it.  Allow its healing energy to flow throughout the other parts of your body. Targeting the mind, soul, and body as well as the emotions.

You can keep the Orgonite pyramid somewhere on your work desk or room and even carry it with you around all day.  This way, you may create a work environment that’s easier & more joyous.

Orgonite pyramids are stunning works of art with incredible healing abilities. When used properly, it can be a powerful manifestation tool.

forest eyes

What To Do Next

Now that you know the power of the orgone pyramid, you can welcome it into your life.  You can place it somewhere in your home, workplace or keep it around with you so you can begin to experience its benefits.

Where To Get One

There are few places you can find that vend these mystical pyramids but if you would like to order one online I recommend going here & getting this one.  It is stunningly beautiful, has hundreds of positive reviews & is made up of seven different color onyx crystals in coordination with the seven chakras.  All directing positive energy towards these centers.

  • Crown Chakra – Violet Onyx Quartz – Inner Peace & Wisdom
  • Third Eye Chakra – Indigo Onyx Quartz – Intuition & Creativity
  • Throat Chakra – Blue Onyx Quartz – Truth & Communication
  • Heart Chakra – Green Onyx Quartz – Optimism & Self-Acceptance
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow Onyx Quartz – Confidence & Courage
  • Sacral Chakra – Orange Onyx Quartz – Motivation & Joy
  • Root Chakra – Red Onyx Quartz – Stability & Strength

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