Manifestation Tools

These will help you on your journey
Access whichever calls to you

Overnight Money

This magical sound journey has been crafted by a renowned sound engineer & manifestation expert. Just listen before bed to instantly clear money blocks that have been keeping you stuck.

Personalized Soul Path Reading

This Soul Reading will help bring you closer to your true destiny... the path you were BORN to walk. It can give you insights on the path you are currently on in your life and help you better navigate the strange world we are living in right now.

5-Step Manifesting Cheat Sheet

Enjoy HUGE happiness, wealth, success & love with this 'cheat sheet', 100% proven by science and backed by experts. Includes the ENTIRE 5-step manifesting technique!

Pixiu Bracelet

This sacred ancient bracelet used by the Mayans, Egyptians, Aztec and Chinese tribes harmonizes your body with high vibrational energy from your environment. Made of obsidian & tiger eye for cleansing, protection, wealth & luck attraction.